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In this WP2 information chapter you will find "Techniques of Competence Building and Training" which are helpful for the implementation of the pilot training in WP3. This information chapter will develop and strengthen the knowledge and skills of members of the SPECIAL partner institutions in relation to the techniques and tools of competence building and training. This will cover traditional forms such as workshops, seminars, study visits and lectures, but also newer forms and less known forms such as coaching, role play, roundtable discussions, webinars, world café etc.

Specific content
Main goal

The partners can use the experience of these techniques in order to develop similar approaches with Multiplier Organizations in WP3.

As a general rule, people learn better when they are active and are able to participate in the learning process.  This is particularly true of skills and attitudes.  Participants are more likely to retain information when various styles of presentation are used.  On average, participants will need to hear information six or more times to understand the information and its relevance to a given situation.  Repetition is important, but different presentation styles also facilitate different types of learning (cognitive, affective, behavioral).

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