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Special - Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in All Landscapes Town and Country Planning Association European Union

Knowledge Pool

Module 5: Communication and Participation


Communication and participation are crucial factors for the successful implementation of renewable energy infrastructures and also for behaviour for efficient energy using. Respective planning and implementation processes nowadays are clearly facilitated by an approval of the different stakeholders affected by the projects. The existence of trust and cooperation from the public for the project, the lack of resistance to the implementation of it and the increased support for former similar projects are indispensable conditions for any project planning and realisation.

The general public plays an important role in the whole process since most of these projects, as for example wind farms, solar cells, biogas plants, hydropower plants have an impact on the citizens´ living in the surrounding areas.

The implementation of renewable energies related concepts and projects at regional and sub-regional scales can be considered as a process of coalition building, where local policy and other decision makers and administrations are reliant on building partnership between state and non-state actors to achieve its objectives. Public acceptance thus is key to the implementation of renewable energies at a regional and municipal level.

Specific content

Module 5 gives an overview of the different forms of communication and participation processes to be applied for the planning and implementation of renewable energy infrastructures. The module provides an introduction to the most common and adequate forms and practices for communication and participation techniques. In addition, a selection of Good Practice examples show how these techniques have already been applied in practice both at local and regional level.

Main goal

Module 5 underpins the importance of communication and participation for the implementation of renewable energy projects. The module´s content is designed to support practitioners in the planning and implementation of renewable energy projects. In particular, planning and permitting authorities can profit by learning which forms of communication and participation can in which way be successfully applied in practice.

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