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Special - Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in All Landscapes Town and Country Planning Association European Union

Knowledge Pool

Module 5: Module 5: Communication and Participation

5.1 Communication

Sub-module overview

The key objectives for good communication around spatial planning and energy are:

  • Increasing an awareness among the target audience groups of local renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency,
  • Increasing awareness to and better dissemination of important regional and local policies, guidance and information to help with delivery,
  • Positively influencing national and local policy making to strengthen policy and legislative frameworks,
  • Positively influencing behaviour among the target audience to improve renewable energy skills and capacity in the planning profession.

You will also need to identify, understand and target communication messages according to the audience groups, their skills, understanding, professional remit and institutional arrangements. Messages will need to be defined/ specifically orientated for each target group identified. For example the message to communicate to professionals and policymakers (e.g. engage with training and adopt best practice) differs from the message to the politicians (e.g. showing casing cross-sector working, importance of political leadership).

Specific communication messages and strategies for different target audience groups could be:

  • Town planners and other built environment professionals: The benefits of, and wide-ranging opportunities for, renewable energy solutions in supporting a number of place-making objectives.
  • Energy experts: The benefits of, and wide-ranging opportunities for, spatial planning to support delivery of renewable energy solutions and targets.
  • Regional and local municipalities: The benefits of, and wide-ranging opportunities for, integrating spatial planning and energy planning practices in supporting a number of municipality-wide objectives and aims.
  • General public/local communities: The benefits and opportunities of renewable energy solutions for tackling climate change, improving energy security, generating income for the community in perpetuity, better environmental protection and reducing energy costs.

In this sub-module, different communication tools will be described in form of good practice modules. Good practice examples are:

  1. Eirgrid’s Project Development & Consultation Road Map (Ireland)
  2. National Grid Powering Britain’s Future (UK)