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Special - Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in All Landscapes Town and Country Planning Association European Union

Press Releases

Jun 2014

ECTP-CEU and SPECIAL Spatial Planning and Renewable Energy Awards Exhibition

The ECTP-CEU and SPECIAL exhibition for the 10th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards will be held in Brussels on 24 June from 10am - 4pm. The exhibition which will be displayed as part of the EU sustainable energy week will feature shortlisted and winning entries from the European Urban and Regional Planning awards giving recognition to planning strategies, schemes or developments which make an outstanding contribution to the quality of life in urban and rural Europe.  The exhibition will highlight the most transferable and innovative solutions to the successful integration ofspatial planning with sustainable energy supply and distribution.

Members of the SPECIAL project and ECTP-CEU will be present at the exhibition to discuss the entries and the SPECIAL project.  For more information or if you would like to attend please contact Alex House

Click here to view the flyer.