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Press Releases

Jul 2013

Government offers certainty for zero carbon transition

Leading housing and planning charity, the Town and Country Planning Association (TCPA) welcomes the announcement by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Baroness Hanham, today on the Government’s proposals to consult next on step towards zero carbon homes which ‘will contribute to national emission reduction targets and help to lower people’s fuel bills’.

TCPA Chief Executive, Kate Henderson said:

“While the delay in implementation is regrettable, today’s announcement of the Government’s commitment to zero carbon homes, along with a clear timeline for Part L, is an essential step towards building confidence across the local government and built environment sector.

Climate change demands a fundamental re-think about the ways in which we plan for our communities - not simply by adding eco-bling onto individual houses and buildings. Planning must become ‘carbon aware’, developing an understanding throughout the planning and design process of the relationship between development decisions, energy use and carbon emissions. The zero carbon policy is crucial to driving innovation and providing a firm foundation for planning decisions.

The TCPA firmly believes that clarity and certainty about process and timescale are essential ingredients to successful outcomes from the zero carbon policy.”

The TCPA is currently running a pan-European planning and sustainable energy project which will help provide training and capacity building to local authorities across England. The SPECIAL Project (Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities In All Landscapes) is funded by Intelligent Energy Europe and will help up-skill councils in planning for low and zero carbon communities through providing free training for planning officers and elected members.