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Press Releases

Sep 2014

How can councils release the economic benefits of renewable energy?

Today at the Labour Party conference the Town & Country Planning Association (TCPA) and the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) will be calling on councils across the country to seize on the opportunity of raising income through delivering locally-led renewable energy projects. Not only will this help local authorities meet the considerable budget cuts, through new revenue streams, these projects will help create a more secure, lower carbon future for our communities

Kate Henderson, TCPA Chief Executive, said:
“Developing positive renewable energy solutions is vital to both the social and economic wellbeing of our society, however with local authorities trying to handle budget cuts and energy insecurity, this is a particular challenging time for the energy market.  Planners and planning are instrumental in meeting this challenge and it is therefore vital that we explore ways in which local authorities and planners can work together to reap the positive economic benefits that local renewable energy projects can bring”

“We have a responsibility to take action on climate change and councils are vital in helping to meet our European Union obligations of generating 20 percent of energy with renewables by 2020. We will only meet this goal with strong and consistent political leadership on the climate change agenda at the national and local level.”

“We are calling on all political parties to ensure that planning for a low carbon future is central to their manifesto commitments.”

The event, which is being help in partnership with the TCPA-led pan-European SPECIAL project (Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in all Landscapes) and APSE Energy, will feature high profile speakers including Shadow Local Government Minister Andy Sawford MP, and Dr Alan Whitehead, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Renewable and Sustainable Energy Group.

Mark Bramah, the Director of APSE Energy said:
“We face enormous challenges in local government to meet the aspirations and needs of our communities in very difficult economic times. The opportunities created through renewable and sustainable energy, is a game changer for us. It is nothing short of an energy revolution which can reduce costs, generate new revenues, create new infrastructure, provide cleaner and cheaper energy for residents and businesses, help to address the blight of fuel poverty and has a host of other local economic and social benefits.”

“Working with the TCPA and the SPECIAL project gives us access to knowledge and expertise which can help build capacity within the local government sector in order to allow us to meet the challenges head on and help to create a truly diverse energy market and assist with our ambition for the municipalisation of energy services in partnership with the community and private sectors”.