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Special - Spatial Planning and Energy for Communities in All Landscapes Town and Country Planning Association European Union

Project Partners

Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre


The Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre was founded by the Hungarian Society for Urban Planning (MUT) in 2001. As a non-profit organisation the HUKC acts on behalf of MUT in national and international programs in spatial planning.

The HUKC is also responsible for distribution of knowledge transferred by Hungarian spatial planners and architects, are involved in working for the Centre. HUKC also has a wide network in the planning professional sphere and cooperates with several local authorities, universities and research centres.

The HUKC is the national coordinator of the Covenant of Mayors movement in the country, providing capacity building events on a regular basis.
As hinterland of the HUKC and umbrella organisation for Hungarian spatial planning initiatives, the MUT has about 300 personal members –practicing planning professionals and students as well - from all over the country and 50 municipalities as a cooperative partner.

The HUKC has over eight years of experience in participating European projects, including  the SEE RETINA project completed in 2012 (www.retina-project.eu) and the CE ENSURE project completed in 2013 (www.ensure-project.eu). The HUKC has also an active role as a national secretary in the EUROPAN platform that delivers competitions for new architecture on themes related to urbanism in each two years basis (www.europan-europe.eu).

Project Objectives

In the IEE SPECIAL project the Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre acts as the Covenant of Mayors (CoM) National Coordinator. In doing so, the HUKC is a leading expert at guiding local municiplaities in preparation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAP) and implementation of related strategies and actions.

The Hungarian Urban Knowledge Centre - with input from all project partners -, will give feedback to the CoM on the integration of spatial planning with regard the sustainable energy action planning process. The response will be prepared via dialogues with project partner organisations, the SPECIAL multiplier organisations and spatial planners. The European Council of Spatial Planners (ECTP) members will also provide added value in the process.

Integrated to a Consortium meeting in Budapest the HUKC will provide an opportunity to promote, and give publicity to SPECIAL project at the Energy Week 2014 - which will be held at the same time through Europe. In the Consortium meeting Spring 2014 in Budapest coaching workshops and study visits will be organised.

As a key project output HUKC will contribute to developing, piloting and producing a ‘European Spatial Planning and Energy ‘Good Practice Competence Training Guide’ for Town Planning Associations on how to work with Multiplier Organisations at their national and/or regional level to improve the energy related competencies of town planners in their country.


Hungarian Society for Urban Planning (Magyar Urbanisztikai Társaság, MUT)
Non-profit association since 1966 representing  the interests of planning professionals in Hungary  as the most important professional association. Member of the ECTP-CEU.
In IEE SPECIAL this organisation is to disseminate for urban planning professioonals.

Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities (Települési Önkormányzatok Szövetsége, TÖOSZ) 
TÖOSZ was founded in 1989 to represent the interests of local government s and its working is based statutes defined by its assembly of delegated (1600 memebers) from municipalities of Hungary. It aims at giving assistance for developments with social-economic and legal advices. TÖOSZ organizes the Academy of Mayors on a regular basis.
In IEE SPECIAL this organisation is to disseminate for local authorities and decision makers.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Environmental Economy (BME)
BME is the leading institution in Hungary in technical higher education. Department of Sociology and Communication at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences has been educating students in economics of urban management and spatial development in graduated programmes for more than ten years, in collaboration with other related departments from various faculties.
In IEE SPECIAL this organisation is to disseminate for urban economists.

University of Debrecen, Department of Technology (DE) 
The Department is the national leading center for energy effeciency in urban environment and it has founded and is running a course for urban energy professionals in urban energetics. It actively participates in European projects such as IEE UP-RES.
In IEE SPECIAL this organisation is to disseminate for urban energy experts.

Lechner Lajos Knowledge Centre Nonprofit LTD 

The main responsibilities of the Lechner Lajos Knowledge Centre Nonprofit LTD include the operation, maintenance and development of the National Building Register 

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